Mediation Between Two Parties

Mediation is a voluntary process in which a neutral professional assists in understanding the needs/concerns of the parties (whether in respect to separation, issues relating to children, estate matters, business conflicts etc.) When you wish to amicably and cost-effectively negotiate settlement of the outstanding issues, mediation may be your best option. Since 2012, Beth has been an accredited mediator with the Ontario Association of Family Mediators. Mediation is generally cost effective as the cost of mediation is equally divided between both parties.

Beth will meet with you both individually for an intake meeting. This usually takes about an hour, and we will ask you to each complete a comprehensive questionnaire prior to the intake in order to assess your situation and confirm that this is an appropriate case for mediation. The mediation intake is found on our links page. Once Beth has reviewed same and met with you both, she will then be fully aware of the needs of each party and any children involved.

After the intake appointment Beth will send you both an email advising exactly what supporting documents you will each need to provide in order to complete your financial disclosure. We will then prepare a document brief and a comparison document which will be reviewed in depth at your first mediation session. If there are custody issues, then those issues are usually dealt with first. Again, as this is a private process, the parties can choose the order is which matters are dealt with.

Beth Leaper mediating between two parties. A staged photo.

While going through a very difficult divorce that included a complicated and protracted business settlement, Beth and her staff have been one of the few consistently dependable and straightforward supporters that I could count on through this terrible situation. There were times that the advice and counsel I received was tough to hear, but time always proved that it was the right thing to do. I have always appreciated Beth's pragmatic approach to solving issues outside of the court room. She was able to bridge the gaps that existed between my ex and I at times and successfully litigated when necessary.